Should I put granite in before I sell?


    When I go on listing appointments I am often asked, “Should I put granite counters in before I sell my home?”.  The answer is that it depends.  If you have cabinets that are dated and need to be replaced or a kitchen that is totally out of date like the one pictured then the answer is a hard NO!  Granite does nothing for this kitchen and it will cost the buyers money to have a professional come in and have them taken off properly so that they can be be laid on new cabinets.  Not to mention that the buyer might change the configuration and matching granite is difficult so they may not be salvageable.  In this kitchen pictured the wallpaper needs to be removed and the flooring needs to be redone as well so it is not worth the money.  It is better to save your money and just reduce the listing price.  Any buyer is going to say the kitchen needs to be redone and not factor in the granite in their offer.


    The photo above, which is one of my listings that sold in a weekend, is an example of a home where adding granite, or carrera marble in this case, makes sense.  The cabinets are in great condition and they have some 42 inch cabinets which is becoming todays standard.  They also have updated their flooring, recessed lighting, faucets and fixtures and stainless appliances.

    I always tell my clients that I think you should enjoy your updates so try not do them just for resale.  Try to make these updates before you sell so you can get enjoyment and your money out of it.  Also, try to stay clear of things that are not liked by the masses.  My Mom has beautiful blue silestone counters and a very large kitchen so it works in the space but the masses aren’t going to want those type of counter tops.  She had them put it when her house was built with the intention of living there for a long time.  By the time she moves there will probably be some new type of counter that is popular so it works for her situation.

    Tip:  Right now honed granite is starting to get popular…it’s durable, and when properly maintained stain, chip, and heat resistant. It looks like a more matte version of granite and doesn’t have the shine.  I sold a new construction home recently and they had it in the butler’s pantry area.  It is more expensive then regular granite.


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